I'm a personality blogger.

My husband keeps asking, when are you going to earn some money with your blog. Because, ahem, I have not earned one 10 cent piece.

My reviews. My posts about movies and wine and books. My local quest for a new cafe.

Yeah, I’m still bloggin’ it old school, yo. It's just about what inspires me.

Which really means, I'm not trying to make any money. There are no advertisers on this site (yet).

See how I left the door open. Because I’m an English major, not a journalist. And that’s how I roll.

I have nothing against those of you who make a buck with your blogs. As we say in NZ, good on ya.

The thing is, blogging about products and free samples and the discussion on CNN about mommy bloggers? It just ain’t happening in NZ.

So, Wellington Road. "Blog with integrity" or sanctimonious, full of shit blog. You decide.


betty-NZ said...

I had ads on my site, but after having them up a week, I thought, "Who am I kidding?" I can't see ever having enough traffic to make it worthwhile without selling out my integrity. So, I blog for fun.

You might be able to get paid for the actual reviews, but that would be business outside the blogsphere.

Good luck.

darsden said...

that's alrighty by me... I am not a clicker girl I am a reader girl..if I want commercials I will watch tv. I have a friend that started for the same reason..and I thinks she is up to 5.00 bucks after almost a year.. I think it was me for the first 4.25 but now she's not even blogging much..
You do have to do it for you and not what you expect out of it.. I cry win I lose a follower but that is just how some of the roll in and out on ya...
I am glad you are here :-)

Anonymous said...


Juli said...

Betty and Darsden said it best. I'm not out to make any money. I'm just doing it for me. If I ever have 200 followers, I might consider pitches for spa visits. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I had ads on my blog a few years back and would make US$30-50 a month.
But like you, in the end I felt kind of guilty about it.
I am however tempted to bring them back. Need to come up with a fantastic new domain name though before I can do it :)

Unknown said...

I would love to make loads of money from my blog, but its just not going to happen. And I hate those ads on blogs - I think they look really naff.I just like to blog because I am happy blogging - and I want people to read my words, not click away on ads.Each to their own...but that's what I think! S

From AA to NZ said...

We read you 'cause we love you.

jamie said...

Blog on and make it what you want! I'll enjoy it whether you're making a buck or not.