I learned something new.

Before I read this story, I always used to buy the freshest bread and milk on the shelf.

I thought other people would (be forced to) buy the older bread and milk. Because I am entitled, and they got to the supermarket after me. Suckers!

That’s right. It never occurred to me that I am supposed to buy the older bread and milk. So it won’t get thrown away.

Apparently, my husband knew all about this easy way to stop food from getting wasted. And he only mentioned it once or twice when I wasn't listening.

So now I feel stupid and wasteful and American.

And angry at the supermarket.

Note to supermarket. Please do not put fresh items on the shelf until that older shit is gone.

Because maybe I’m not the only stupid wasteful person in the world.


betty-NZ said...

Good for you and thanks for posting.

Your link to your 'angry' post only enforces the 'differences' I also note between US and NZ.

Christina said...

Wow, I do the same thing. Thanks for sharing.

darsden said...

Hey saw you over at suzy's me too hoping one day for the big 100 let alone the dream of 200.

Great Post and great eye opener :-) on to read the link you posted!