Want to buy a van?

In NZ, there is no legal requirement to have auto insurance. Instead, you need to get a Warrant of Fitness (WOF).

If a vehicle is of a certain age (read old), you need to get a WOF every six months.

A WOF testing station checks that your lights and horn work, and that there is no rust on the key structural points of your car. There is no emissions testing. The WOF costs about $40, and of course the cost of any repairs.

Until you have a valid WOF, you are not allowed to drive your car, except to the garage to get repairs, or to the testing station.

You also need to register your car (get a rego). For an older car, my husband’s rule of thumb is to make sure the car passes its WOF before he gets the rego. The rego is about $100 for six months.

If we fail to have a WOF and a rego, and we park our car on the rural residential street in front of our house (because we don’t have off-street parking), we can get charged $400 in tickets (this happened to us).

We can park in our driveway, such as it is, and avoid getting a ticket. Which is why I just asked my husband to move the van that has been a street sculpture for the last two or three school terms.

My husband thinks I’m being paranoid about the guy that I noticed checking out the van yesterday. I’m not taking any $400 chances.

How cute would I look driving this?

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Anonymous said...

Very cute no doubt!