Let's play monopoly!

Broadband service in NZ is expensive and slow. And I’m still not sure how anyone can compete with NZ Telecom.

At Wellington Road, we are able to use TelstraClear, which offers cheaper, faster broadband service in our area.

But a recent decision by the Commerce Commission looks likely to wipe out the very slight broadband competition in NZ.

Coincidentally, just the other day Slingshot rang me up to try to get my business. And I was even less grumpy than usual.

Slingshot: You don’t need to change your provider. But we can give you better rates on toll calls.

Me: But we don’t make toll calls.

Slingshot: How about the Internet? Do you use broadband or dial-up?

Me: Broadband. (pause) Hello?

Slingshot hung up on me. It’s like they already have given up.

Here's an alternative proposal for the Commerce Commission. Buy back Telecom at two or three times the price you sold it for and be done with it.


William said...

Our Telstra phone failed for four days before an engineer could fix it.

On the fourth day the engineer called, the phone worked, but he said he didn't do anything.

they charged us $50 for the "service".

They only refunded the money after strenuous complaint and when I informed them I was and IT journalist.

Customer service is not a natural property for NZ companies, it seems.

Avalon said...

We appear to have got very lucky in the end with our broadband. There was no way of getting it when we moved in, so we contatcted a local compnay called Wise Net who managed (after some fiddling) to set us up with a radio mast and our own internet.

It is now managed through Wiz Wireless, and we pay just over $50 a month for 4gig max downloads.

Its pretty reliable, and rather faster than most people get. Best thing is we paid for the initail install (about $2k) so we dont have to pay any line rentals.

And we dont have to deal with the rotton service from Telecom or Telstra that so many people have problems with.