Juli Ryan. Dot com.

This is one of those geeky posts about blogging that no one really likes.

I bought my own domain name.

Yup, that’s right. I spent money on my blog (please don’t tell my husband).

Now Wellington Road will be coming at you (hopefully seamlessly) from Juli Ryan dot com. You shouldn't have to do anything.

But I didn't back up (because I like taking risks) and my blog roll was wiped out. If your blog used to be up there, and it isn’t any more, do let me know.


Happy Campers said...

Glad your new blog moved to it's new address smoothly :) And I just noticed your blogroll at the bottom of your site...great links and thanks for sharing!

From AA to NZ said...

I am impressed with your blogginess!

harmzie said...

Don't say no one really likes these kinds of posts! I do! Esp this one.

Congratulations on your new blog name. I'm jealous, I really am. And impressed too (at both the skilz and initiative). And also blushing and blubbery because you lost your blogroll and remembered that I was one "that you love" and put me back (well, that you put me there at all, but put me back is double!)

But money, eh? That's something I'd probably have to keep from mine too... :-S

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! When I got moonovermartinborough.com I felt like a kid on Christmas, so I understand you completely!

William Knight said...

Now you've made a commitment, you'd better get wellingtonroad.com, wellingtonroad.co.nz aswell.

otherwise you could get sat on by cybersquatters!

(only joking)

Juli said...

William, I'm too late. Someone already owns welingtonroad.com and they want US$2,000 for it! Note to self: next time you start a blog, buy the domain name first.

Will Ryan said...

What's a blog?

Unknown said...
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