I remember when I finally broke the language barrier in New Zealand.

It was 2004. I had been living in New Zealand for a year or two.

I was sitting in my new office. A workmate said something, and I didn’t understand him.

I still wasn’t the quickest at deciphering the New Zealand accent.

And it was possible it was important.

What? I asked.

He didn’t respond.

Eh? I tried again.

It was magic. He repeated what he had said.

For the rest of the day, I kept asking, eh?

Before I knew it, I was putting an eh in most of my sentences. Such a handy little word.

I’ll just bowl over, eh?

Then people started asking if I'm Canadian. Just blame Canada.


From AA to NZ said...

It's so invigorating - communicating in a "foreign" language, n'est-ce pas?

Andrea said...

ha.. when I first moved to Texas when I did not understand I said please? when I did not understand something. I mean that is what they said in Cincinnati. People would just ask, "what do you need hun?" That is when I realized... I am not in Cincinnati anymore :)