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Recently I read this story in the New York Times about how to use your mobile phone overseas for cheap.

Apparently, if you have an American cellphone, you can go to another country and buy a local SIM card to use with your phone. Then you can make inexpensive local calls in that country.

It seems, unfortunately, that you can’t bring a mobile phone to America from, say, New Zealand (or the UK), buy a local SIM card, put it in your cellphone, and get service.

It's all locked up. Even if your existing unlocked mobile phone operates on the same frequency, you need to buy a cellphone from the local (US) carrier.



Jenny said...

Actually, I think you can. Check out this thread on Yanks Down Under: http://yanksdownunder.net/topic/8551763/1/#new
It seems lots of people take their unlocked Aussie phones to the US and put different sim cards in them. Not sure if it is the same for NZ but might be something to check into.

Juli said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for your comment. I totally made a generalization! It didn't work with my NZ phone. But it might work with other phones from Aus/NZ/UK.