Top Chef

In New Zealand, we’re a bit behind the USA. In most things. Movies often get released months later, and we are at least a season behind you on TV.

I want to know why TV2 and TV3 pretend that spoilers aren’t out there on the internet.

These are probably the same people who used to get upset in English class, when someone read ahead, and then in discussion (accidentally) gave away the plot.

It’s just plot, people.

Anyway, last night TV3 aired Episode 2 of Top Chef.

It’s the episode when Padma Lakshmi told Ariane, “I hated your dessert. I spit it out in my napkin.”

Seriously, after five seasons? This is the best line that Padma can come up with? And we had to watch her spitting it out? And in the end Ariane wasn't eliminated?

What a clever twist.

I’ve covered my eyes. I can’t see the internet.

You’ll have to take my word for it. I wasn’t reading ahead.

I just wanted to check Padma’s bio.

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