On mice and valentines.

The child loves mice. Mickey Mouse. And Maisy.

But I admit it. I hate mice. I’m afraid of them. They freak me out when they creep along the baseboards. I don't like to hear them scamper in the attic. And I don’t like see them when they’re dead.

In my last life I was an elephant.

Rats and mice are definitely part of urban living. My flat in Columbus, Ohio had mice. So I got a cat. And there were mice in both of my San Francisco flats.

Of course, mice are part of rural living, too. Our village is overrun with minions of mice.

And at this time of year, when the weather is starting to turn colder, all the mice want to come inside our house.

And my husband kills them for me.

That’s a bloody sweet valentine.


From AA to NZ said...

Ah...that explains the cats.
Happy Valentines.

Juli said...

It also explains why I never had mice in Chicago. I had a cat.

holly said...